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About Us

The Alternative Finance Bar Association was formed out of a genuine joy for the practice of law in an emerging and evolving industry. Practicing law in such an innovative space, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to shape new laws and regulations, inform business practices and litigate issues of first impression. The AFBA serves as a vital resource to its members as they navigate

Law Firm

                                                                           critical issues in

often unchartered territory. To facilitate the exchange of information, the Association holds frequent panel discussions to address current issues as they develop, such as proposed legislation and newly decided case law. Members are also able to use the AFBA as a forum to pose novel legal questions or to seek a referral for legal counsel on a certain topic or in a particular jurisdiction. The exchange of ideas is always reflective of considered argument and a mutual respect for all of our members and their varied experience.

The social aspect of our forum is another tremendous benefit. Our Association fosters professional camaraderie as well as genuine friendships. There are numerous social events that allow our members to share experiences from their practices that only another attorney practicing in this space could truly appreciate! AFBA events focus on more than just food and drink and often include a challenge of some sort, whether it be a murder mystery dinner event or Hawaiian name quiz.

Our Association was created by attorneys, for attorneys. We are in our Second year and we continue to gain support as our members find value in our forum. We look forward to continued growth with your support.

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